Trung's Note

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

My name is Trung,a blogger, a developer and a traveler


I am someone who is interested in something new, willing to step out of the comfort zone.My passion includes developing mobile software, traveling, and photography(sometimes).
Actually, I often spend my free time for join numerous English Club or N.G.O as an attendee.Taking part in like that make me open the social network and a variety of knowledge outside my major.



About strength, I am a quite optimistic person, hard working and willing to help the others in need.About weakness, the first is still lack of some skill like problem-solving, leadership, presentation , etc.Secondly, I feel hesitant in making decisions.Finally, I am sensitive to other ‘s opinion.


Like I said, I am optimistic so this character makes me and my teammates more inspiring and works harder.In teamwork, when my friends have any trouble, I am willing to guide them to finish it.Maybe hesitance slows me down but my teammates will motivate me to overcome it. Right now,I am still lack of some skills but I will learn them later

This profile would tell everything  all about me