Describe a wild animal from your country.

You should say:

  •     what the animal is
  •     what it looks like
  •     where it lives

and explain how you feel about this animal.


So far in my life, I have seen many interesting animals, but the one that left the deepest
impression on me is the parrot which is a common wild bird in Vietnam. So let me tell you
about it in more detail.
The parrot is a small bird with bright red feathers on its face and on the front of its body. The area of red colour makes parrots very easy to distinguish from other birds. They make their nests in trees and go looking for food. You might also see a parrot if you go for a walk in the countryside or in a park.
The first time I saw it in a park 2 years ago, I was instantly impressed by its colorful
appearance. When I saw it, it was sitting in a tree sleeping.
What I like about the parrot is its ability to make sounds like human voices. The parrot I saw was able to mimic sounds made by me and other visitors. When I listened to it, I felt
extremely amused and entertained.
If you ask me, I strongly believe that parrot is the most interesting animal in the whole world.
In the future, I hope that I can have more chances to go back to the park to play with the