Students learn far more with their teachers than other sources (internet or television). To what extent do you agree or disagree?



It is generally believed by many people that students can learn better with teachers than other sources like the Internet. In my opinion, this idea is completely justified owing to the benefits in terms of education and knowledge acquisition that the educational system offers.

When it comes to self-study, some people believe that the Internet is the most powerful facilitators in acquiring knowledge. At the moment, numerous websites such as Coursera or Edumall offer more qualified and convenient educational services to students regardless of geographic distance. These websites create various online courses and books which enables everyone  to choose any subjects they want and learn with professional mentors from famous universities over the World. Students, therefore, can enjoy convenience and the quality that those services provide with Internet availability.

Despite the above benefits, I also believe that the advantages of learning with teachers are more significant. Firstly, teachers, with a dedicated instruction, might understand that different people have different styles to acquire knowledge. In other words, we would be on the right track when learning with teachers. Secondly, mistakes are common in the learning process and a teacher can help the students by correcting their mistakes and also providing feedback whenever required. Consequently, teachers always play an essential role in knowledge acquisition.  Another problem is that self-learning may end up in dangerous situations if some learning steps go wrong. Thus, it is apparent that some skills require teachers for students to learn effectively.

In conclusion, as the several analyzed reasons above, I strongly agree with the idea that teachers are the best source of knowledge and their role and efforts are always applaudable for students.