If racism and xenophobia are attitudes that we are taught, not born with then the problems that come from them can be resolved.
Discuss this view and give your own opinion.
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In the chaotic world of human race,discrimination’s occuring always bring massive crisises to the entire society .A belief that one’s race,skin color or national identity have been superior to others in humanity from olden times.This phenomenon became a debatable issue in American and Europe countries known as racism and xenophobia.In my point of view,the such social evil ought to be dealt with as fast as possible for following analysis.
First of all,a few definitions have to be not confused.Xenophobia and racism both are some types of racial discrimination so that a number of people often think that their usage might be interchanged. In fact,racism relates that any race determines the traits of human or their capacity making them more superior than any other race.On the other hand, xenophobia refers to dislike or fearing of any race from something that possess numerous weird characteristics to them.These brought such awful consequences throughout world history.For instance, The United States of America is a nation of immigration which has been turned into a multicultural country.Consequently, several national crisises have been burst out from African-American Civil Rights movements and other insurrections against racial discrimination.Especially in unfair treatment of white people on non white people that went on for many generations becoming a historically enormous issue of America. Fortunately, this social evil seems to initially be on the verge of its extintion with the election of Barack Obama as the very first black President.
In order to takle this issue,first and foremost, educational system plays a crucial role.Teaching for young generation would be an approriate method in shaping racist and xenophobic mindset. Secondly,one of the most effective ways against racism that is to operate civil rights movement.Over many past centuries, the civil rights activitists had fighted for years to gain rights for African-Americans that existed for white citizens.For example,more than 50 years in a historical event,,the civil rights movement as launched by Martin Luther King with his mavellous speech “I have a dream” that motivated to about 250,000 people attending on Washington. This inspiring speech left a mark on history dramatically igniting a fighting fire for reclaiming freedom.From that moment,racism and xenophobia have gradually been pushed back to vaporize and replaced by equality.

In conclusion ,nowadays ,eventhough racism and xenophobia have still not been wiped out completely,the World are always keen on such social evils.In my opinion,whether discrimination is attitude we are taught or not,every single individual should be aware of the problem and join hands to keep the society equal as much as possible.