My Boss- God of Web – Dave Bui


  •    From the bottom of my heart, it is truly a pleasure to work in such a fast-growing startup. Here, my potential skills (both technically and socially) potentials are UNLEASHED. Constant training and insightful feedbacks given by experienced and bounty tech leaders have brought my programming ability to a next level.  To be honest, my college major is not in the IT field. Therefore working at ViCare, a tech startup in medical service, serves as a perfect opportunity for me to get exposed to the world of web development.




  •  About working environment. This place, simply, EXCEEDS my expectations. It breaks the boundaries of an ordinary “workplace” or “companies” with normal office hours, where people just go and leave. This to me, is more than that. It is more than just a company or a community. This is home. My second home. A place
    to bring people with mutual goals and desire together. I feel comfortable. We are brothers and sisters, or more than that, we are  altogether facing against challenges to conquer them, and to celebrate our feats in the end

  • Business process: ViCare focuses on building its own product following Scrum way, 18740481_708460256028161_8535111683160012622_nand for me, the process and result of sacrificing your own effort to build your own product is way better than  working on outsourcing projects. The process, it triggers my team’s spirit and . Actually, I have been depressed and exhausted and frustrated, but in the end I have learned a lot, grown a lot and I am proud for everything we have built.




  • My project was about supporting the Human Resource team with building a candidate management web application. It includes:

+ An automated system that sends mails to failed candidates

+ CV management filtered by teams

Screenshot from 2017-06-05 13-50-27.png
My first Web App: Auto Send Mail