General information

  • An opinion essay is a formal academic essay which requires you to state your opinion ( usually “agree or disagree”) on a given topic.
  • You need to provide reasons and supporting details to convince the examiner of your answer.
  • There are 2 common approaches to write an opinion essay: 1-sided and balanced.
  • How to recognize this type of essay? An opinion essay usually presents an issue and asked you one of the following questions:

One-sided approach

  • A one-sided essay is an essay where your opinion is inclined to only one side of the argument, which means you either completely agree or completely disagree with the issue given in the topic.
  • Always give 2 reasons to support your opinion, each of which must be analyzed and supported by specific details in each of the two paragraphs in the body.
  • There are 2 places where you have to give your opinion very clearly and directly: the thesis statement in the introduction and the restatement in the conclusion.

Let’s see the complete structure of a one-sided opinion essay: