On the other hand, China is a SICK country, the terminology coined by facebook IPO papers-file. He said the SICK country means Syria, Iran, China and North Korea. The 4 countries have no access to Facebook. So basically, China is a SICK BRIC country. Another project was built up to watch China and Chinese Internet. And now, today I want to tell you my personal observation in the past several years, from that wall. So, if you are a fan of the Game of Thrones, you definitely know how important a big wall is for an old kingdom. It prevents weird things from the north. Same was true for China.In the North, there was a great wall, Chang Cheng. It protected China from invaders for 2000 years. But China also has a great firewall. That’s the biggest digital boundary in the whole world. It’s not only to defend the Chinese regime from overseas, from the universal values, but also to prevent China’s own citizens to access the global free Internet, and even separate themselves into blocks, not united. So, basically, the “Internet” has two Internets. One is the Internet, the other is Chinanet. But if you think the Chinanet is something like a dead land, wasteland, I think it’s wrong. But we also use a very metaphor, the cat and the mouse game to describe in the past 15 years the continuing fight between Chinese censorship, government censorship, the cat, and the Chinese Internet users. That means us, the mouse. But sometimes this kind od a metaphor is too simple. So today I want to upgrade it to 2.0 version. In China, we have 500 million Internet users in the whole World. So even though China’s is a totally censored Internet, but still, Chinese society is really booming. How to make it? How to make it? It’s simple

You have Google, we have Baidu.

You have Twitter, we have Weibo

You have Facebook, we have Renren.

You have Youtube, we have Youku and Tudou.

The Chinese government blocked every single international Web 2.0 service, and we Chinese copycat everyone. So that’s kind of the think I told the cencorship, that’s not only to censor you. Sometimes, Chinese’s censorship is too simple : block and clone. Only one hand, he want to satisfy people’s need with social network