These days, with the increasing development of society, it is true that an increasing number of rich people are getting wealthier but the poor are more indigent. The essay below will analyze some main reasons for this inequal economic phenomenon as well as propose some reasonable solutions.


There are two main major factors that contribute to the awful such as corruption and productivity.


thumb.jpgFirstly, some people point out that corruption is the main factor leading to poverty due to personal benefits. It takes countless opportunities of people who are in difficult circumstances.


Secondly, it is clear that the key element to be rich or not depend on working efficiency. In fact, the more people contribute to society, the more profit they get. Thus, business people are someone who always gets rich. This is because  when being an entrepreneur, we will possess the  ability to bring out more and more services, products for the others.



There is no doubt that economic inequality or poverty is the root cause of all types of evil such as
criminals, drug use or even terrorism.


In order to solve this problem, in other words, to clear out the gap between rich and poor that is to join hands from the government and communities. More specifically, the best way to reduce poverty is to do charity. By doing so, even though we may not end this phenomenon permanently, its negative consequences will reduce somehow.

In conclusion, corruption and productivity are making the effects of income inequality become wider. Nevertheless, every single individual and organizations ought to be aware of this issue to deal with it as soon as possible by doing something like donating for the poor