We live in a world in which we are constantly exposed to advertising. To what extent does advertising influence out choices as consumers, and what effect does it have on our lifestyle?


Part 1: Outline (there is no complete sentence at all)


Paraphrasing: In the civilized word,[hook]

[thesis] In my opinion, most of us  get into the attractive impact of media bringing both good and bad sides


[1] Nowadays, advanced technologies(technological advancement)èthe World become smaller and smaller è easily connecting to each other è a marvelous market for media to develop.

[2] Good effects: On the one hand

-A perfect tool for companies to expand their brand.

For ex: S.E.O, Facebook ad;

-Electronic Commerce, The way of approaching needed products for customers has never been easier with one click to a website

For example; Tiki,Lazada,etc.

[3] Bad effects: On the other hand

-abusing advertising for corrupt images become a social evil.



-Advertising is still an excellent road for us to create a better World.

-Anyway, people ought to be aware of which type of information coming to us.

The Essay


In the civilized world, it is common that images of products widely appear in front of our eyes because advertised information comes to us via every type of media. Whether we are actually keen on that or not, mass media still play a crucial role in leading us to approach a variety of knowledge and products. In my point of view, this tool would bring us not only advantageous but also disadvantageous impacts on our life as the following analysis.

Nowadays with technological advancement, the world has been smaller and smaller connecting people from a far distance effortlessly.Thanks to this magic development, a number types of media were born such as Email, Facebook, Yahoo and other websites to respond the sharing economy needs turning into a new emerging market. It can be seen the potential from that fertile land, the phenomenon becomes a marvelous opportunity for every firm as well as individuals to polish their brand name.

In the one hand, with the powerful supporter of media, especially in digital marketing, the way of approaching needed products for customers has never been easier .various modern  E-Commerical services were born by highly friendly technologies to deliver brand products to end users even though customers might be not interested in. Indeed, today they have no need to go out but with only one click to a website like Tiki, we might possess anything we wish to. In addition to upgrade branding systems, a number of convenient tools were launched such as Seo, Facebooks ad, Adsense, etc which help advertiser maximize profits as much as possible Moreover, not only the virtual media but also the other types of advertisement in magazines, newspapers, big banner movements are attracting general public.

In the other hand, the advertisement has their own negative aspects. Firstly, sometimes the products illustrate their images beyond reality. It is undeniable that a variety of mistaken in order to make up products attracting people in misunderstanding ways. Fortunately, the level of public awareness has been enhanced to avoid this such social evil.

In conclusion, one way or the other, advertisement are an endlessly essential part in many types of industries. Nevertheless, individual ought to not blindly trust in any marketing information before considering carefully.