Straight line persuasion

  • All sales calls are the same: a straight line from open to close.straight-line-persuasion

1)Let’s describe the process of persuading the clients?

  • Introduce yourself, get impressing from the very first time. (Overacting)
  • Show the clients vision (kind of  bluff illusion)
  • Make the clients satisfied and listen from them(finally, you have found out a broker the one you can trust on and consistently make your money)
  • Closing sale.

2)Why the clients accepted the deal?

This strategy would mention something got lost in case the client do not buy. It ignite desire to possess products from the salesUntitled.png

3)Why could it say that the wolf is the trickier?

In fact, the product for sale was absolutely not valuable as the wolf said.

4)If you learned something from the wolf, what would it be?

                                                   How to influence people

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It


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