Located in Lao Cao Province, far from Ha Noi nearly 350 km, Sapa town possesses a beauty of majestic and nature. It includes a number of ethnic minority groups such as Yao, H-mong. When the foreigner comes to Viet Nam for the first time, they always head to this place immediately to enjoy and study about culture.

There are a lot of things to do in Sapa, some of the most favorite activities are trekking, cultural travelling, home stay, shopping at ethnic minority markets and street food.

To explore full of natural beauty of Sapa, we ought to come by someplace like Stone Church, CatCat Village, Love Market, Love Waterfall and Heaven Gate. All of them were made by human and nature that have combined to create  Sapa to a famous gorgeous place in Viet Nam. It has never been greater for trekking lovers to take selfie here.DSC00623.JPG