The power of “Yes”


On the one hand, life is full of wonderful things waiting for us, every opportunity always comes around us anytime, anywhere. They come then go, maybe not arise again, so there is no perfect time to catch it up. Believe it or not, anything we do which all hide several chances inside.   Moreover, it seems that these only show up once, let’s embrace them as fast as possible. In contrast,  being a “No” man would miss the miracle set up by the universe’s planning. They had said “No” to life,  job opportunities, and amazing stuff, then their lives come to nowhere. In the beginning of the movie, the main actor acted as a terrible “No” man saying no to everyone, after going to motivational “Yes!” seminar with his friend, he was encouraged to seize the opportunity to  say “Yes” and his life  changed forever, which makes the rest of the movie more interesting leaving for audiences the number of meaningful lessons about the power of choice.


The power of  “No”

On the other hand, unfortunately, saying “yes” effect on their lives in many negative ways such as getting us involved something confusing,  saying no has become more important than saying yes instead. Consequently, learning to say “No” is the most vital skill for every people ,becomes a quite challenge and even harder than learning to say “Yes”. It is because there arimages-1e many things to choose and a lot of work distracting us in life with full of temptation.  In fact, when giving up on something or someone, it doesn’t mean we were going to be selfish, hating, turning down or discriminating against them, it means we possess the gut to make a choice , value the time, know what to prioritize. There is no guilt by doing so.  In the rest of the movie, even though “Yes” choice brought Cart several incredible things, he still got involved some consequences of saying yes to everything. And that has become the best part of the movie conveying the significant message to us about making decisions between “Yes” and “No” choice. Finally, the insight point of the entire movie that is to define what ideal opportunities looks like this life could bring. Learning to say “Yes” , which merely is a type of attitude, getting ready for potential chances.Besides, we have to aware of what to refuse because their time is limited, do not waste it on something invaluable.

                      The more you take, the less you have.

In conclusion, saying no or yes that depends on every situation. However, as can be seen from the movie, saying yes to everything definitely bring you to trouble in one way or another.