– Dạng TELL ABOUT… (Chia luận điểm)
+ Lead-in 1: Let me first tell you about [TỪ KHÓA 1]
Lí lẽ 1
+ Lead-in 2: Alright , I’d like to move on to the next point: [TỪ KHÓA 2]
Lí lẽ 2
+ Có thể lên đến lead-in 3 và lí lẽ 3 tùy đề bài.
– Dạng WH- QUESTIONS (Chia trường hợp)
Lead-in: It depends on the seasons/my moods/the time of the day, really. (CHỌN)
+ Nếu chia theo mùa: In summery months (hot and dry) and wintery months (cold and wet)
+ Nếu chia theo tâm trạng: good mood and bad mood / happy and sad
+ Nếu chia theo the time of the day: morning (before I leave home) and evening (after I get back from work/school)
– Dạng YES – NO QUESTIONS (Paraphrase câu hỏi)
Ví dụ câu hỏi là “Do u play football?”
+ Lead-in 1: Well, let me see.
You know, playing football is my favorite activity, especially when u consider the fact that it’s a king sport today.
+ Lead-in 2: Moreover, when playing football with my friends, I can develop my teamwork skills, which are really necessary in the real life. In the match, we have to think about how to connect every single person in the team to fight the other team over a ball.
+ Lead-in 3: I’d also like to add that playing football helps to improve our physical health and bodies, given the fact that it makes us get stronger and look fit.
– Dạng TYPE/COMPARISON QUESTIONS (Lấy 2 cái cụ thể, phân tích từng cái một)
+ Lead-in 1: As you can probably guess/you may know, there are + [NHIỀU] + [ĐỀ BÀI], however, the most commonly used/eaten of them all / among them is + [CHỌN 1 CÁI CỤ THỂ]
This is because of /due to + [Lí do 1]

Ví dụ : This is because of the fact that it’s quite/rather small compared to other [ĐỀ BÀI] such as …
The thing about [CÁI ĐÃ CHỌN] is that + [Lí do 2] –> Nếu nghĩ ra thêm đc lí do thì nói.
+ Lead-in 2: Another [ĐỀ BÀI], which a lot of people use/eat in Vietnam is …, given the fact that + [Lí do 1]
I’d also like to add that + [Lí do 2] –> Nếu nghĩ ra thêm đc lí do thì nói.
+ Lead-in 3: Of course, there’re other [ĐỀ BÀI] like … –> Câu này phải có vì là câu chốt hạ và k phủ nhận những công sức mình tốn công làm ở trên.
+ Lead-in: Well, you know/actually, I [LIKE PHRASE 1]
[Giải thích]
+ Another reason why [LIKE PHRASE 2] is probably that…
+ I [LIKE PHRASE 3] đặc điểm của A.