General Structure


I.  How to write a good introduction?

  • Introduce the topic
  • Answer the question

These are the two requirements of a good introduction. For each requirement, you only need 1 sentence.


The introduction is approximately 35-50 word long. It is unnecessary for you to write a long introduction because it is the body that you need to focus on.

II.  How to write a body paragraph?

A well-written and well-discussed body paragraph should answer


For a fully-developed body paragraph, 5-6 sentences are enough. Remember, examples are extremely important as they help your essay to be more convincing.

When writing the body, keep asking yourself the question “why” in order to produce an in-depth analysis to support the essay.

III.  How to write a good conclusion?

Summarize the main ideas (Optional)

Restate the thesis statement

A conclusion should only be 1-2 sentences long. You can paraphrase your thesis statement either with or without the outline.