8 to be great: 8 traits successful people have in common. Number 3: Focus

When I asked Jame Camera,how he managed to produce the two highest grossing films of all time.Titanic and Avatar. He said focus had a lot to do with this.You ‘ve got to be super focused like a laser ,to get anything worthwhile done.He said when I did Avatar,I had focused for 4 years .I don’t say anything wide .When beginning in anything,your career,problems try to solve,you got to think wide,you got to think a lot of stuff in .when I say you are young,don’t focus too soon,just know in the back your mind that success requires a single-minded focus.Larry Page, co-founder pf Google said to me  .You should focus on one important goal and you need to be single minded about it >single mind focus is enable for most space telescope