In the one hand, working in here left me unforgettable memories

Smarthome System

The first thing mentions about working environment. To be honest, This is a great place to both experts of electronic and IT developing and being creative.  Indeed, The research base fully is equipped many different kinds of modern devices from around the world and being updated day in day out. In addition, these pieces of equipment with some skillful engineers have been creating a variety of smart things contributing the IT  Industry to become more powerful. When I was working with them, I had understood about overview that THE REAL IOT created by many types of major such as Automation,electronic, Embedded System and IT(coding in C language).

The second thing is about C.T.O of the company. His name is Nguyen Tuan Anh. Back to his university time, he had been in a ROBOCON team of University of Science and

Nguyễn Tuấn Anh – CTO Lumi


Technologies with a dream creating technology products MADE IN VIETNAM. Until now, that dream has come true. From zero to hero, His persistence has brought Lumi from Nothing to one of the very first brand name IoT companies in Viet Nam. Besides, he usually worries about the quality of his employee even though tons of work are waiting on his side.

In short, if someone who is specialized in electronic , embedded system or IT, I would like to recommend them to apply Lumi.

On the other hand, perhaps this place was made for technological developments so that the culture is not so active. Actually, Lumi has not had so many entertainment regimes yet.

Central Controller

I do not want to be comparative but company ought to have a gap week to enjoy team building or tourism like the others. One way or the other, Lumi still is a very good firm in technology field.

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