From the very early days while approaching English from secondary school, I felt terribly painful with its grammatical rules. My English’s scores just ran around 3 and 5 for a long time even though I had tried my best. So my only solution to this disaster was to count on my good friends who have excellent command of English. However, it seemed that this difficulty lasted forever. After having gone to college, I still thought that learning this horrible subject was an impossibility. With my constant efforts, I had overcome every single tough thing. I can recall one old saying going: ” When one door close , another open”.  Indeed, when I was 18 years old, I found LANGUAGE LINK VIETNAM, THE VERY FIRST ENGLISH SCHOOL, which taught me THE VERY FIRST ENGLISH LESSONS, MY NEW DOOR THAT DID OPEN FOR ME THE WORLD OF ENGLISH.

Besides,  I luckily have found new methods of learning English by discovering such websites as ,


And KienTran IELTS
They are my true sources of inspiration. Reading these carefully with deep philosophical thoughts provides me with not only a good way to learn English but also with sustainable belief in myself
At the moment, I feel confident with my English skills though I still face numerous hardships. But no matter how hard it is, I will keep moving forward with my dream to study abroad.