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Meaning of  3 Idiots Movie

  • The first lesson: Knowledge is what you apply to real life

All types of knowledge and invention have been coming from what happens in daily life. In the early scenes of the movie, the electrical conductor used by Rancho has reminded me a basic physic lesson from secondary school.Indeed, various lessons studied in school could be truly useful for us. Once you can apply this, definitely people would call you scientist without any degree. knowledge

  • Learning is something from everywhere, not only in academic bookslearning

To be honest, I would love this lesson from this film the most. The meaning of this part represents the high level of education.Sometimes, knowledge from textbook show boredom and no creativity making learner feel limited.If you absorb it in your own way, you will truly master it.


  • The power of sincerity(Anyway, just be who you are)

One way or the other, the best way to success and happiness is to be yourself. In my point of view, this scene is the most emotional situation of the whole film.The guy possesses extremely brave and cool attitude even though this interview made a crucial decision to the rest of his life and career.Perhaps it is the key factor for recruiter to hire employees


  • FINALLY, ALL IS WELL(belief in yourself)

This will not solve all problems but will surely give guts to face them”.                                                        Rancho

It is said that life is difficult to move on. Indeed, a number of troubles come to us challenging our spirit. Consequently, allowing them to knock us down or get through them that is only a choice. With the belief ” All is well”, no matter how hard challenges may be, we will absolutely overcome it.