In my opinion, this place is one of the most beautiful in Viet Nam somewhere has become a solid conquering symbol for travelers around my country. Well, to be honest, it has been called conquer because I have to need someone experienced to lead me to overcome this one.


Firstly,  the distance between my city to there is not near at all. It takes about more than 500 km and requires experienced riders to drive through. Secondly, the road someone has ever traveled HaGiang that means they extremely wish to come Lung Cu top, where is the North polar of Viet Nam.However, the path of uphill is such challenge such as nine zoning slope(  dốc chín khoanh).


There are many dangerous pass roads on that way.In fact, such many types of steep (dôc) passes become fatal obstacles for travelers


. That ‘s why accidents take place over and over again

Ha Giang (Wikipedia)

The last thing is about sightseeing, this place is somewhere gorgeous including TamGiacMach flower and gray stones symbolizing for the beauty of HaGiang nature. That ‘s why this is so-called “HaGiang, full of stone and flower”


It is nothing greater while taking selfie here.